Friday, 29 December 2017

Striking a India-London Balance

How free and democratic a country is usually judged by the contents appearing in its newspapers or its news channels. Does its media espouse free speech and free thinking? Are the articles and write ups in the newspapers a reflection of a modern and progressive society?

While on a holiday in Dubai even as I marvelled at the extraordinary transformation of a desert into an international city, I could not help wondering if only their newspapers looked as classy as their skyscrapers! One look at their newspapers and you knew mundane and basic information camouflaged as news and reports! Where was the incisive analysis, in-depth researched reports that are so blatantly conspicuous in Indian newspapers? Certainly, Dubai is no place for free thinkers and creative artists, they can look up to the 'Incredible India' for inspiration!

It is incredible that while I am in London I still reach out to the Times of India, The Hindu, The Deccan Chronicle or The Indian Express for adding new words to my existing reserve of vocabulary. Indian media is astonishingly vibrant with news anchors often displaying their command over the English language through flamboyant utterances and judicious choice of words. Many a debate is organised with unparalleled passion and intensity. Animated and profound conversations take place with some of the best minds of the country. Bulky newspapers with detailed analysis, thought provoking pieces along with humorous observations while stimulating the mornings are actually a reflection of the umpteen issues that are confronting India. Before I know I am left fondly reminiscing about my country!

With memories flooding my mind, I step out of my new home in London only to be greeted by its astounding scenery. The awe inspiring architecture and infrastructure are testimonies to London's amazing engineering and I instantly forget all about India. That's how I strike a India-London balance!

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