Sunday, 24 December 2017

Outgrowing Cars

Outgrowing cars never had a stop in my journey of life which I carefully choose to sprinkle with beautiful experiences, memories and adventures. Negative ones do come in the way to distract and divert the route from the most desired destination, sometimes even marring the beautiful trip. What is supposed to be a smooth ride now turns out to be jolty, jerky and even creepy with potholes, pits and steeps to manoeuvre through! It took me the ‘Car-Free Sunday’ initiative and my own environment-conscientiousness to let go of our tiny Zen car that would usually put me into a zen-like state often sending me into raptures of ecstasy and liberation!!! 


Nevertheless, in London, outgrowing cars comes naturally. Well-planned pavements on either side of the road along with an amazing public transport system eliminate the need for cars. Strolling along the broad stretches of pathways while feasting your eyes on the natural beauty and inhaling fresh doses of oxygen makes walking an exercise in joy and freedom!!!

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