Sunday, 24 December 2017

Iron Box and Hair Dryer to My Rescue

With decrees issued against hanging out washed materials in the balcony or anywhere near the window, I was left pondering how to dry the wet toys and dolls hand-washed meticulously as per the instructions printed on the box. It is impossible to expect dampness to vanish given the dropping temperatures (which I must say I thoroughly enjoy) and shutting out of the natural light as well as the air.

As my mind pondered over alternatives my eyes descended on the iron box at the corner of the hall vying to catch my wandering attention. Soon all solutions revealed themselves to me like the pages of a book containing answers! The iron box and the hair dryer found new applications meant to test their efficiency! Applications in the form of my daughter’s beloved toys and dolls. The dampness disappeared and peace dawned on me at accomplishing a seemingly tough task!

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