Sunday, 3 September 2017

My Profile

It is extremely difficult to describe about oneself in just about 1200 words, justifying my stance to  leave the profile box empty. Writing about oneself is akin to a write-up - well-researched, informative with substantial data and content. The profile box rejected my profile at one stroke of a brush announcing my content was too huge to be entered. Therefore, I decided to publish my profile as a blog, as it will enable my readers to know me up front and up close. Moreover, it would strengthen the bond between me and my readers if they are provided sufficient insights about the writer of the blog they take time to read.

With a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and a PG Diploma in Journalism, I have worked for corporate companies with experience in writing/editing product reviews, newsletters, technical content, newsletters, press releases for publication on websites. My educational degrees are closely linked to my interests in reading, writing, researching and in the field of social sciences. I also enjoy travelling and exploring as well as listening to music. A loving and caring mother of an adorable daughter, serving and bonding with my family everyday keeps me busy and content. For instant mood-relief, I travel, explore, meet new people and learn. They energize and motivate me like nothing else!

My exposure, travel and experience with people of diverse backgrounds during the early years of my life thanks to my dad’s job in the government that kept us transferred to different parts of India had in fact instilled in me a passion to travel, explore, learn and grow. Values of tolerance, respect and love for diversity seeped into me naturally. A self-driven person, I also cherish qualities such as integrity, empathy, compassion, ethics, responsibility and ownership.

I have been writing since my school days. My first short writing piece appeared in a local children’s magazine while I was in my 5th grade followed by a poem and a few articles in high school. College again saw me write for a newspaper and I continued to explore my creative instincts through freelancing articles for newspapers and blogging. My blog ‘A View From Home’ was started in 2010 and it consists of contents published in newspapers along with articles on serious and mundane topics ranging from politics, cinema, parenting and subjects that inspire me. The blog also features a few inspiring and motivating videos as well as posts that were written on my Facebook page with further elaboration and more information.

Having born and raised in India, I gradually acquired a deep understanding of the country right from her history, culture, spirituality, music, movies to her cities buzzing as much for their exuberance as for their idiosyncrasy. The resulting impressions reflect in the articles in my blog. Now in London, I live with my husband and a daughter savouring every bit of our life here. Therefore, it may not be surprising to find a few musings about my new home that is London and my first impressions along with experiences about living in this city of diverse ethnicities and multi-cultures as people of different nationalities and religions blend seamlessly and live in harmony. Harmony in diversity is exemplified rather remarkably in London as people go about their daily grind enthusiastically while respecting the traditions and beliefs of people that are different from theirs. While the early birds jog the city to life as they sprint across the Thames river welcoming the day and its bounties, the workaholics are excited about another day in the office brimming with opportunities, challenges, luck and growth! As for leisure enthusiasts, an another day of adventure, novelty and experience beckon them while they look forward to unwrap life’surprises.

‘A View From Home’ is a collection of my musings and reflections recorded and written at home even as I wonder about a suitable topic that would be riveting, informative, empowering, entertaining and inspiring all at the same time! It is a homemaker’s refreshing take on subjects that are both light and serious. A housewife’s perspective is the last one that is sought for, yet it is the most insightful, refreshing and thoughtful out of all, which reflects a certain depth, experience and wisdom unique only to a homemaker!


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