Sunday, 3 September 2017

Getting Life Lessons From My Daughter

After three years of spending time with my kid, although many times I have felt the stress of raising her, exasperation at her endless pranks and guilt pangs following some strong rebukes by me, some of life's greatest and valuable lessons were learnt in the process of parenting. Credit goes to my daughter for effecting an incredible transformation in me. As I enjoy motherhood, a moment of epiphany dawns on me that all that one should do for overcoming negative habits and traits is to become a parent. How easy!

I have never been this active, never felt so alive, and certainly never so energetic and enthusiastic in all my life. My life before my daughter was born was characterised by inertia and nonchalance in everything that I did. Enter she, my lethargy was magically replaced with childlike exuberance and I discovered a definite purpose. A purpose that never existed before now shone brightly like sun's sharp rays on a bitterly cold winter afternoon. Her innocence rubs onto me like smiles that spread rapidly, her enthusiasm fills my heart with a joy never known before and her intelligence coupled with ingenious wit instils in me a vigour and energy so profound to express. I still remember the sleepless nights I endured soon after my delivery, it made me take stock of the situation followed by some lessons in sleep management. First my daughter gives me lessons in sleep management, next in stress and anger management equipping me with strong life skills thereby preparing me for the challenges of life!

Very soon I started to see myself leading a disciplined life with only about 5 to 6 hours of sleep and spending the rest of the hours in teaching her, playing with her and taking her to some of her favourite parks as well as doing the mundane household chores. As I multi-task and juggle roles with confidence, I thank my daughter for making me stronger!

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  1. So glad to know how your daughter changed your attitude towards life. Well written, Vidya.