Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Why London Is Dear To Its Immigrants!

London with its several immigrants coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds is indisputably an international and a multicultural city. For several immigrants from middle east and Africa fleeing violence and revolutions, London is their home of hope, joy and peace. As varied and diverse the immigrants are as many different and compelling reasons they may have for migrating to London. Nevertheless, for every migrant, London spurs her growth with rich opportunities and learning experiences. As immigrants, they are here to soak in its culture and experience as well as to learn and grow. For a few others, it is a respite from their mundane and mediocre existence, an escape from their seemingly endless drudgery back home, a monotonous routine, a reprieve from their country’s poor politics and a staggering economy as well as societal restrictions and pressures.

According to ‘The Migration Observatory’, London has the highest migrant population in the UK. At least 3.2 million people are born outside the country. For immigrants from developing countries, London is a land of fortune with opportunities to explore their talents and challenges testing their potential. It is here that they pick up the broken and torn threads of their lives to stitch them together. Gradually, they feel the city growing on them even as they learn and grow in confidence and self-assurance, glad they are far away from the stress and pressures of their homelands, their native states that caused untold misery, a political system that made their lives an endless struggle and put them in a seemingly eternal state of anxiety and depression.

Now an air of contentment dawns over them as they no longer have to battle insecurities and fears.  A smile lights up their faces as they relax and realise that their children are now in a safer world with a world of opportunities beckoning them.

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