Monday, 6 May 2013

Overcoming problems

It is only stating the obvious when I say that life is unpredictable and throws problems ranging from the silliest to the most complicated ones. However, without difficult situations in life can we ever grow, evolve, excel and even understand the meanings of triumph, strength and courage?

Surprisingly, problems when viewed positively can cease to exist as difficulties. Many successful people in their professional and personal lives have always welcomed challenging situations because they felt that without challenges life would be dull and would only lay a foundation for stagnation and ennui. Of course, this does not mean we need to create tough circumstances and embrace them at the first opportunity. It is only to say that we should not shy away from uncomfortable scenarios, rather face them with a brave and positive attitude.

To overcome an obstacle, on our part, we need to recognize it first. The moment we recognize we have a problem half of it is already solved. Second, it is extremely important we identify and categorize the problem as it would help us in arriving at a solution rather quickly. Third, we need to stop denying that a problem exists in the first place. Next, it is purely psycological and we need to internalise it. Qualities like courage, optimism, a balanced temperament, healthy attitude and positive demeanour are essential to cross hurdles.

Having said all this, it would only be wise not to sow seeds for obstacles and it is wiser still if we don't escape from them, rather take the right approach and required skills to fight them. The next time you encounter a problem have the belief that it is just an exam to test your talents and qualities that are not something beyond your reach but only lay dormant deep within you. You will be surprised at your own strength, courage, wherewithal and the hidden potential within you. A new you is born and you will be thrilled to discover that new you in you!

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