Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A welcome verdict

The much awaited verdict of Kudankulam N-power plant is finally out, a judgement that is bound to leave the protesters red in their faces. The Supreme Court justified its verdict by commenting that "we have to balance economic scientific benefits with that of minor radiological detriments". The justification to me sounds reasonable, balanced and sensible keeping in mind the larger interests of the country's economy. Economic development and progress is usually always achieved causing minor discomfort to the dwellers in that vicinity and environment at large.

The hundreds of MNCs and corporate houses that we see in our cities today would not have materialised without having caused minor inconveniences to the environment. The positive side is that many of us have reasonably secure jobs, decent lifestyles and  pretty decent incomes. Life which was once a struggle for most Indians has now become a wee bit comfortable.

Kudankulam kind of protests are not new. Haven't there been protests when India's economy was opened up for global companies to establish their bases? Heated debates raged over the pros and cons of economic globalization and liberalization. Today, the same voices that protested have fallen silent probably startled by the high number of job opportunities available and tangible changes and advancements witnessed in the lifestyle of an 'aam aadmi'.

The establishment and operation of the nuclear plant comes at a time when Tamil Nadu is witnessing a severe power crisis. When there is no other alternative but the nuclear plant to power woes, it is only sensible to allow its operation and ignore the disadvantages or inconveniences it is likely to cause. As the Supreme Court said 'benefits outweigh minor radiological detriments', the protesters must realize that their demonstrations are not worthy but on the contrary are acting as needless and major impediments for the state's economic growth and progress.

The opposition has lost its credibility and only comes across as an unreasonable, stubborn, smug and immature group of teenagers in the face of overwhelming reasons and evidence of the nuclear plant's adherence to safety and environmental norms as well as its effectiveness to solve Tamil Nadu's great power crisis.

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