Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A high-five to new age men

Ladies – Never underestimate your husbands. On a day when you are down with cough, cold and severe back ache like I was over the last weekend, your hubbies just like mine are indeed capable of surprising by dishing out some dosas for breakfast, mouthwatering sambar with subzi for lunch and decent upma for dinner.

Kudos to our new age men, who being increasingly open to new ideas and perspectives are doing their might to break gender stereotypes. Influenced by modern thinking, the urban metro-sexual man of today’s new India is seen participating with his woman in drab household chores and other mundane tasks, which were so far considered strictly a woman’s preserve. Whether it is preparing delicacies for his wife, attending to his mother’s health, mentoring his sister or even changing diapers for his baby, today’s new age men are not shying away from these ‘responsibilities’ and are significantly changing men-women equations.

It is not difficult to find out the reasons for this transformation. Globalization, liberalization, value-based education and exposure to social media have made the men in cities more aware and understanding to problems confronting women.

Only one hopes that this phenomenon isn’t restricted to urban India but percolates to low-income level groups and rural areas which in reality represent the real India. In urban India, low-level income groups constitute auto drivers/bus drivers, taxi drivers etc who reportedly have committed gruesome crimes against women. Rural India is notorious for honor killings and acid attacks against women.

If men in cities, just like their counterparts in villages having grown up in  conservative family settings with not much money and had once believed in gender stereotypes can change why not the men from Bharat or rural India?

While the waves of transformation begin to rise slowly in India let us give credit to the new age men, be it your fathers, husbands, brothers or uncles, who ushered in changes without whose support our lives would have been extremely difficult!