Monday, 7 May 2012

When Chennai Did a Bangalore Today

I was surprised to wake up to chilly weather and strong breeze this morning. The pleasant spell lasted till noon before the usual sultry weather took over. I was glad that at least for once, Chennai did a Bangalore especially during summer which is extremely punishing here. So, my cotton night gown was replaced by a synthetic one. For a moment though, I thought I was in Bangalore. Was I missing Bangalore? May be during these days, I am reminded of the climate there since the summer is pleasant and forgiving. I soon thought of visiting Bangalore but as soon as I reach that place, I tend to miss my Chennai despite its terrible weather, pollution and incredible levels of noise. Why do we keep missing places when we are actually in a place we want to be? If we are in Chennai, we keep thinking of Bangalore or Himachal or even foreign locales like the US or Switzerland. However, a few days after landing there, we want to get back home. Perhaps nothing is more comforting than experiencing that “homecoming” feeling!