Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Thumbs Down for Perambur Sangeetha

Having frequented the Sangeetha restaurant at Adayar and R.A.Puram, one would expect similar standards of quality at any of its branches in Chennai. However, it’s a harrowing experience at Perambur Sangeetha. Not only is the restaurant small, over-crowded and noisy, the service is pathetic.

As one of the members in our group was suffering from severe cold, we had to stop ourselves from entering the AC hall. Assuming the service would be equally good at the non-Ac hall, we all settled at one of the empty tables and placed orders for Panner 65, Gobi Manchurian and Noodles. It was around 8 in the evening, so all of us expected the availability of these items. Much to our astonishment, the server with a mocking grin informed that the variety we were looking for was not available and hence we would have to settle for the South Indian cuisine. Since most of us are Southies and are used to eating the South Indian food on a regular basis we wanted a change of menu. The server though was bent on offering only the South Indian fare! He said it would take a minimum of half-an-hour as the North Indian food was cooked and served only at the AC hall. Boy, did he have some kind of aversion for the North Indian and Chinese cuisine, I wondered.

Since the North Indian and Chinese dishes are costlier than their counterpart, I thought the waiter would be glad to serve the dishes without delay. But this waiter was doing nothing to increase the sales of one of the well-known restaurants in the city. He kept replying negatively to whatever requests we made. Finally, we had to ask him what was available at the joint. He answered that all the South Indian dishes were available along with Parathas and Chola Batturas. We heaved a sigh of relief and opted for Chola Batturas with Gobi curry. Instead, just after 10 minutes, we were given Dosas stuffed with Tomato and onion. Wondering what was happening, we clarified to the waiter that the order was actually placed for Chola Batturas. “Sorry madam, I heard it as Dosas” and he scurried away to the next table even before we could respond. Then, we saw him walking in the direction of other servers and winking at them, who seemed to enjoy the drama happening much to our disbelief.

We left the restaurant frowning and promising never to visit the restaurant again.

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