Thursday, 16 December 2010

Adios Amigos

(This piece was published in The Indian Express on May 21 1999. I was doing my schooling back then, so forgive the amateur in me).

The exams are over. The vacations have set in. School life has come to an end and thinking of it sends a chill through my spine. Life is going to take a new turn.

School life is so beautiful with no worries, no tensions…..

How can I forget the days when I enjoyed life with my friends, teasing our friends and foes alike. But we had the greatest regard for them in our hearts. But then, what is life without some fun……

Our board exams are all over. Whenever I think of my results, fear grips me. If they are good then, that will be the last gift we can give to our school.

Well, moving one step forward makes me happy. Anyway, there can’t be a soul on this earth who hates to dream of a career and of course, make that dream come true.

But as one moves ahead, more responsibilities and more worries come one’s way. And handling responsibilities is the one thing I have always hated.

And that is what college life is all about. It is altogether a different world. There will be no teachers to bother us with their advice. It becomes necessary for a person to manage everything by himself/herself. It is also a life full of fantasies and even though there’s a lot of fun in it, I simply don’t have the courage to get separated from my friends, teachers and above all my school.

Making new friends is my hobby but parting with old friends makes me sad and it is this sadness, which has driven me crazy enough to write this article to YES.

Hey, but life is all about meeting and parting. We meet as strangers and part as friends. We meet to create memories and part to remember them. Don’t we?

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